Rame's Story

After days of work, Rame got her prosthetic legs


Due to the war in Syria, the people of the region had to leave their country bitterly in 2011. They faced poverty in Turkey, where they came with great hopes.

Now, people whose lives were destroyed by a missile that fell on their homes, streets and schools are waiting for their prosthesis in the hope of starting life again.

Rame is just one of the Syrian children who lost both legs as a result of the bombing of their area in the city of Aleppo. She took refuge in Turkey in the hope of having prostheses that would enable her to walk again. And she got her prosthesis.

"I don't want to be attached to anyone who will leave me"

Rame, who now lives with her mother, said she doesn't even want to remember the day of the attack. As she was walking towards her father in the garden, the little girl was suddenly the target of bombs before she could understand what was happening with the sounds of airplanes. She and her mother were the only survivors of her family. She was taken to the hospital by ambulance without being able to understand anything because she was in shock. When she woke up, the doctors said that both of her legs would not work and they cut off her legs.

“I am afraid that if I get taller, my leg will be cut off”

"When Rame came to our Prosthesis Center, she was physically very weak. She never ate and didn't talk to anyone, she. When we asked her why, she said, “I'm afraid that if I get taller, my leg will be cut again”."

"After days of work, Rame got his prosthetic legs.”

After getting her prosthesis, Rame's face is smiling, she is more hopeful now. Both her mother and herself smile, and now they say that they will cling to life again.

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