Ali Valiz

I am Ali

I was going to buy something from the grocery store. Then I heard the sudden sound of the bomb...and I lost my leg. I didn't feel anything I just jumped into the air.

I live in Turkey now and happy here. I go to school, play with my friends. I can even run. I want to go to Syria someday. I have a lot of friends and I miss them all.

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Feb 18, 2019

Mary lost her right leg as a result of the bomb attack in Iraq in 2015. Mary's father and brother were injured in the same attack.

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April 12, 2019

Muhammed, who lost two legs in the attack on Idlib countryside 5 years ago, came to Reyhanlı district of Hatay to be treated with his mother and one brother.

7300 USD
10000 USD

Doctor Yasser

May 27, 2019

While the war in Syria that started in 2011 ended the countless stories day by day, new ones continued to be written somewhere. Yasser is just one ...

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7000 USD

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